Our Story


Léa French Street Food is inspired by the simple peasant foods that we experienced in France. Before moving to Oak Park and River Forest, we lived in Paris with our family for many years. We enjoyed the amazingly flavorful baguette sandwiches and fresh salads that are typical in the street cafés. Not to mention the artisan bread, pastries, and éclairs we would pick up on our way home for dinner, bringing a smile to our children’s faces.

We wanted to bring this food to Oak Park and… we wanted to do it in an authentic, responsible and modern way.

Authentic and Artisan

Bread is the base of the French meal. We make our artisan, traditional French bread and pastries in house daily. As in artisan boulangeries in Paris, we don’t use preservatives so we hope that you will enjoy your breads and pastries right away.

Going local is being responsible

We have worked to adapt our traditional French recipes to the local ingredients. We have amazing farmers and artisan ingredients right here in the Midwest! Our menu recipes are simple with the intent of allowing each ingredient to shine.

Modern Family Restaurant

We designed an environment that is casual and fun. Our kids meals were developed under the critical eye of our children and their friends. We created kids meals that are healthy and balanced.

We hope you enjoy the restaurant as much as we enjoyed creating it.

- Nicolas Caulliez and Colleen Wagner-Caulliez, Co-owners